Energy from the

Sea Waves.

By committing the energy of the sea waves to produce an inexhaustible source of energy that definitively secures the future of humanity.

The development of pilot projects for the production of electricity from the kinetic energy of sea waves (Sea Waves Energy), aiming to create the possibility of building high energy-efficient floating power plants of several MWe and through them the exploitation of the vast length of coastline (~13.000Km) that Greece has.

To this end, our company HELENERGY S.A. holds, through its main shareholder, a number of international patents and high modeled know-how, which has been awarded at international exhibitions of innovations and inventions in Germany (IENA MESSE NUERBERG). Based on the above, our company intends to develop pilot plants in various coastal, Continental and Island regions of Greece, securing investment funds from private individuals and European Programmes.


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