of the Company


In the field of Energy Production, aware of our offer, through specialised technologies and applications, in the field of Renewable Energy Sources (RES), for a better tomorrow with the smallest carbon footprint.

Through its main areas of activity, HELENERGY S.A. intends to develop the ability to build and operate specialized energy projects and services in the field of RES and CHP, through large private investments and participations from Greece and abroad, with the aim to establish itself as a reliable player that will be able to cover all the energy needs in electrical, thermal and/or cooling requirements of large residential buildings, by either installing directly in these areas the appropriate equipment, systems, and networks, of its own investment and ownership, with long-term energy supply and sales contracts (Energy Contracting Agreement), or by offering them, as an energy provider, integrated energy services on the best market terms.

Electricity - Heat
High - Efficiency

Energy production
Sustainable Development, from
Organic Waste (Biomass).

Energy production from
Small & medium sized water resources
Hydropower potential.

Solar thermal

Energy from the
Sea Waves.

We are working
for a sustainable future for us
and the next generations.