Energy production from

Small & medium sized water resources

Hydropower potential

Nature offers abundant energy. Technology harnesses, for a better tomorrow.

The generation and exploitation of electricity, through selected hydraulic potential, from small and medium hydroelectric power plants in various parts of Greece. It is a form of utilisation of the water resources or natural water reservoirs of our country, which produces abundant and economical electricity for the Greek family and Greek businesses.

Our company’s objective is to invest in Hydroelectric Power Plants, Small and Medium Power, after a thorough investigation of existing hydraulic potentials, in various parts of Greece. Hydropower is also an ideal alternative for the storage of electricity generated from Solar or Wind energy.

The image shows a 4.5MW Hydroelectric Power Plant through the transfer of water from overlying, the facility, mountainous areas and water reservoirs, to them.

The picture shows modern hydroelectric generators which harness the power of the water from a sufficient altitude to produce cheap and reliable electricity.

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