Solar thermal


Investing in a bright future by making the best use of Solar Energy.

The construction and exploitation of Solar Thermal Plants, which are the most advantageous form of exploitation of Solar Energy in Greece, where the average annual solar radiation ranges, from North to South, from 1450-1950 KWh/m² and offers a large exploitable potential for the production of Electricity through parabolic solar mirrors of high radiation, in order to produce high temperature steam, capable of driving a Steam Generator for the production of electricity.

The possibility of storing the heat in special boilers is the cheapest and most efficient way of storing electricity and in this way the Solar Thermal Station, unlike Photovoltaic systems, can produce electricity day and night!

Solar Thermal

Operating diagram of a Solar Thermal Plant with Energy storage device, through a steam storage boiler, for night operation, assisted by conventional fuel (LNG, LPG, DIESEL, BIODIESEL)!

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