Electricity - Heat Energy

High - Efficiency (CHP)

We invest in high-capacity power plants to ensure the energy sufficiency of Greece and the future of future generations.

Decentralised power generation, through the technology of High Efficiency Power & Heat Cogeneration (CHP- Cogeneration), using Turbine Generators in combination with a Super Heater (Heat Recovery Steam Generator-HRSG) to produce steam from the exhaust gases of the Turbine, for the production of thermal (and/or cooling) energy, as well as from internal combustion engine generators (ICE), using environmentally friendly fuels such as Natural Gas (NG), in gaseous and/or liquefied form (LNG), Biogas, the most modern and promising form of Biomethane fuel produced from agricultural and livestock waste (Biomass), and Biodiesel.

The above illustration shows a CHP  plant, consisting of a Turbine Generator and a super heater system connected to the turbine exhaust outlet for the production of steam (HRSG).

As described, it is located in a special building structure with appropriate ventilation and the installation area for the control-management offices (Control Room and Monitoring). This energy unit can be installed anywhere outdoors and can run on any environmentally friendly fuel (Natural Gas, Biogas, Biodiesel or Hydrogen). The power of this unit is configured according to the existing energy requirements and can be sized from 5MWe-50MWe, electricity and 6MWth-52MWth, thermal energy, respectively, through the appropriate type of turbine and steam generation system (HRSG).

Therefore, it is suitable to meet either medium and large-scale industrial needs or integrated residential, tourist and commercial complexes.

The cities, or the residential, tourist and commercial complexes of the near future, will have full energy autonomy Electric and thermal (cooling), through private decentralised energy plants High efficiency and modern distribution and management networks

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