Energy production

Sustainable Growth, from

Organic Waste (Biomass)

We produce energy for sustainable growth with respect for the environment and a zero carbon footprint.

One of the main activities of Helenergy S.A. is the production of energy from modern organic waste exploitation plants (Biomass energy projects) from agricultural livestock waste, municipal and industrial waste.

The biomass of the above waste is transported by means of appropriate promotion to large capacity closed-type tanks, where through the anaerobic fermentation process biogas (methane) of high calorific value is produced, suitable for the operation of High Efficiency Combined Heat and Power (CHP) plants. The electricity produced is supplied and sold to the public electricity grid and the thermal energy is used, in part, for the needs of the plant itself and the rest is used for heating homes or other premises.

The picture below shows a biomass plant using a variety of organic waste for the production of electricity with a capacity of 4 MWe/4,5 MWth, capable meeting the needs of about
5.500 dwellings per year. A parallel business is the production of liquefied methane which can be sold either directly to the gas grid or used as a fuel for vehicles and/or industrial needs. The combustion of the methane produced has in each use a zero carbon footprint on the environment.

Similarly, the picture below shows an energy production plant from organic waste, agricultural, livestock and urban residues, with a capacity of 2,5 MWe/2,8 MWth, capable of meeting the needs of about 3 000 dwellings on an annual basis.

The produced sediment (biological sludge) from the anaerobic fermentation process and methane production, after appropriate treatment, is converted into a high quality fertilizer and sold to agricultural or plant crops.

Illustration of the operation of a biomass processing plant for the production of electricity.

Operation diagram of an electricity & thermal energy production unit
from agricultural, livestock and municipal waste (Biomass).

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