for our Culture.

We and our people at Helenergy S.A. firmly believe in a rational and balanced use of the various technologies in the field of Renewable Energy Sources (RES).

This choice is determined by a true “Sustainable Development” that takes into account the limitation of the industrial footprint of the medium-term replacement of the machinery and systems used in various technologies, as well as the proper management of the raw materials required for their operational availability. By this we mean the excessive and unplanned use of almost all the technologies involved in the investments concerned (a ‘tsunami’ of wind and photovoltaic installations), which sidelines key pillars of real and collective development, organic waste from agricultural, livestock, urban and industrial activities, water resources from rivers and the sea, as well as technologies that offer the best use of solar energy, i.e. the most efficient use of solar energy. solar thermal plants.

Alongside the above fundamental principles of development of our energy business activities, we believe in the further use of environmentally friendly natural gas in gaseous or liquefied form and the further development of smart management networks, through which at some point the valuable “green fuels”, such as biomethane (biogas), from the organic biomass processing plants of the primary sector and the and the promissing “green hydrogen” will flow.

A fundamental principle for the environment
and the quality of human life

With this mix of technologies, for the production of truly carbonized free and essentially “green energy”, we build our business and create our investments, with the vision of a better planet for future generations, for a sustainable and quality development with respect for the environment and for people.

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